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Here at NRG Productions, we do voiceover recordings, audio post production for online, tv and radio ads, dubbing and subtitling, sound design and music embedding to videos and films

We specialize on professional audio production and editing, providing  multilingual recordings and localization for any type of audiovisual project and use

We offer our services to advertising agencies, production companies, broadcasting organizations, film producers, audiovisual developers, voice and media experts worldwide

When it comes to multilingual speech and audio post production , you can trust NRG Productions for a top level audio result

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Working with top level software and audio gear, sound designers and audio producers provide the perfect audio post production for any audiovisual product and format, in all languages

In our special designed headquarters in Europe/Greece, we record and cooperate live with studios all over the world

Voice overs for tv broadcast, digital and radio advertising spots in all languages

Training and elearning vo sessions, audio guides, telephone prompts and ivr, explainer videos, dubbing and adr

Station imaging, corporate recordings, animated films and adaptations, are produced daily at our studios, for any kind of recording or audiovisual project in competitive prices!


The everyday increasing demands on the world market for audiovisual content delivery, lead to the search for even more audio production services (voiceover, audio editing, sound design, dubbing, audio localization etc).

NRG Productions provides top quality services for the digital era of  bussiness, entertainment and education

Our clients about NRG #1

During the 35 years I’ve been working in film and television I’ve always made a point of getting to know the people I’ll be collaborating with before we agree to work together. I began working with NRG before I’d gotten to know them, having heard a lot of positive feedback about their work. Trust and appreciation soon followed. We have collaborated on many recordings with well-known actors and recording artists, always with stellar results. Their professionalism is worthy of true respect and is the main reason behind our continued collaboration.

NRG Productions Greece
Memas Vlahopoulos
R/C & Cinema Production Manager / SPOT JWT ATHENS

NRG Productions and UIP (United International Pictures) have been collaborating for over 15 years. We work together the last three, period that I work too in the cinema area, a place full of pressure and enormous demands. Many times you have to manage movies that come out in the cinemas even every week. It is very important to know that I can rely on such a reliable partner to get immediate and perfect results every time!

NRG Productions Greece
Fani Tsetou

I have worked outside of Thessaloniki for many years and have experience collaborating with many of the largest companies in the field, both in Greece and abroad. At NRG I found exactly the same knowledge and professionalism, but with more personal attention and flexibility, which is why it’s one of my first choices for all our production needs.

NRG Productions Greece
Theodoros Papanestoros
Director of Marketing, Anatolia College